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Phosphor Bronz Scraper

Why Clean Tubes Using Mechanical Tube Cleaners?

- Fast, Reliable Method For Removal of Deposits Ranging From Algae To Hard Scale
- Tubes Restored To Working Condition
- Improved Heat Transfer
- Better Vacuum
- Extended Tube Life
- Increased Condenser Efficiency
- Additional Power Generation
- Energy Conservation
- Major Fuel Saving

Bio-fouling of tubes can result in reduced heat transfer, loss of Mw capacity, accelerated corrosion and shorter tube life. Water sources present differing fouling problems with different deposits found in the tube, e.g. silt, slime, wood, and shells all affect tube performance as much as stubborn fouling culprits like calcium carbonate or manganese scale. Because these deposits vary so should the methods for cleaning them. RICO operates a comprehensive cleaning range using our unique water pump system to generate water pressure to propel the cleaners down the tubes cleaning as they go.

Our range of mechanical tube cleaners includes:

Plastic Scrapers / Brushes
Removes soft deposits, such as algae, mud, silt etc, and obstructions caused by wood, shells etc. This cleaner will give a gentle clean.

Phosphor Bronze Scrapers
Very effective scale and debris remover for cu ni, brass and older tubes that have had a lot of wear. A far more aggressive clean than the plastic scraper / nylon brush type cleaners. It will remove as above but also scale build up. The blade material is made of phosphor bronze and is very close in the periodic table to the tube materials already mentioned. This is important because Steel cleaners used with these tube materials can cause a galvanic reaction in the tube resulting in shortened tube life.

Steel Scrapers
The most aggressive scraper - removes all types of debris including hard scale and manganese deposits. Ideal for titanium and carbon steel tubes - not recommended on copper / brass type tubes.

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